Parents of Children Ages 6-12

Soccer, gymnastics, homework, friends; what a busy time in your family’s life! Trying to find balance and harmony in this time is difficult. We want to help. Below
you will find answers to common pediatric questions and links to sites you can trust.


Hot Topics for Children Ages 6-12

Supplements and Young Athletes
Sun Safety
Alcohol: The Most Popular Choice
Pediatrics, P.C. Vaccination Schedule
AAP Recommendations on Limiting Sun Exposure in Children and Supporting Legislation to Prohibit Salon Tanning by Minors
Dietary Measures : Obesity
Reduce the Risk of Gun Injury
Tylenol Dosage Chart
Ibuprofen Dosage Chart


Online Resources for Parents

The following websites are excellent sources of information for the health and well being of your children. They can be trusted to provide correct and honest information.