Breast Feeding Positioning

September 15, 2011 | No comments | Breast Feeding Support

A correct latch:

  • Make sure that your baby’s chin, chest, and knees face your breast.
  • Baby’s mouth should be open wide.
  • Baby’s tongue is over the lower gum.
  • Baby’s lips curl out in a flanged position.
  • Baby’s chin firmly touches your breast.
  • Baby’s nose & cheeks lightly touch your breast.
  • Swallowing is heard with breastfeeding.
  • Nipples may appear longer after breastfeeding, however should not be flattened or creased.
  • Discomfort with breastfeeding should only be experienced at the start of a feeding, no more than 20 to 30 seconds after starting.

An improper latch:

  • Baby’s chin, chest, or knees do not face your breast.
  • Baby’s mouth is barely open.
  • Baby’s tongue is behind the lower gum.
  • Baby’s lips curl in.
  • Baby’s chin barely touches your breast.
  • You do not hear or see swallowing when baby breastfeeds.
  • A clicking sound is heard.
  • Baby’s cheeks dimple when feeding.
  • Nipples are flattened or creased after breastfeeding.
  • Pain is felt throughout the entire feeding.