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We have been serving the Lincoln Community for over 50 years. Pediatrics, P.C. is strongly committed to providing excellent contemporary care for all infants through early adults. Healthy lifestyles are promoted through an emphasis on anticipatory guidance and education. Families, staff, and physicians agree that a major asset of our practice is its ability to provide a nurturing and caring environment along with individualized patient care.


In the News

It’s time to schedule your child’s physical!  Nebraska schools require all those entering kindergarten or 7th grade to have a physical.  The American Academy of Pediatrics is now recommending yearly physicals for all children age 2 years and older.  You may contact our office for a physical schedule for those under the age of 2 years.  Additionally, sports physical start after May 1st!  Kindergarten physicals start after March 1st!  Please call (402) 489-0800 for an appointment today!

Vaccine Statement: We at Pediatrics, P.C. firmly believe in immunizations and their life saving potential.  We believe that the abundance of misinformation available on the internet and elsewhere has sadly affected many family’s willingness to get vaccinated.  Without hesitation, we strongly encourage our families to be vaccinated.  We do this not only to protect our pediatric families, but all those around them.  We hope you will unite with us in our efforts to keep the children of Lincoln healthy and safe.  Thank you.


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